A delegation for the oil and gas university visited Inteco Group and Inteco MC


One of the leading oil universities is preparing to celebrate its anniversary this year.

And shortly before landmark event, it holds a series of presentations about its training of specialists for the oil industry.

The University has been closely cooperating with Inteco Group for several years; the university management calls the Company its strategic partner. Much work is being done at the university to upgrade the skills of oil specialists, to develop personnel and in the field of scientific research.

Opening the meeting of the company’s specialists with colleagues, the chief engineer of Inteco MC noted:
– Technical knowledge of engineering and technical workers requires constant adjustment and development. And we hope, including with the help of the university, to raise the level of knowledge of our employees.

Heads of profile departments and divisions of Inteco Group, main technologists took part in the meeting. Having listened to the information on technologies and developments available to colleagues, the company employees discussed the interested items.

As a result of business negotiations, a protocol was approved – a document that opens the beginning of further mutually beneficial cooperation.

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