Corporate news


A delegation for the oil and gas university visited Inteco Group and Inteco MC

One of the leading oil universities is preparing to celebrate its anniversary this year.


Inteco TC celebrates its first anniversary

For 10 years Inteco TC has been providing services of the highest class for repair and insulation of wells, as well as for cementing of technical and operational columns.


The traditional sports festival the framework of the Inteco Group Games was held at the Inteco MC stadium

16 teams from various departments of Inteco Group and its subsidiaries took part in the competition for 10 different sports.


Inteco TC purchased new equipment from DrilLife Group

Within the framework of the development strategy, Inteco acquired three new cement complexes.


The company has passed the certification audit of the “Inteco MC OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”

The experts from the Management System Independent Certification Agency conducted the audit.


Inteco Group won volumes from Gazpromneft-Hantos

Work will be carried out on cementing wells.


Inteсo Group management congratulates colleagues on the holiday

Dear, dear, dear, beautiful and so kind our women, patient colleagues!
Happy March 8!


Inteco MC invests in development

The modernization of the company is planned for 2021.


Inteko MC will supply a drilling rig for the partner company

In the nearest time Inteko MC plans to supply the SG-20 self-propelled drilling rig and F-500 pump unit.


Inteco MC will supply BOP equipment to petroleum companies in Turkmenistan

The blowout prevention equipment is used during drilling of oil and gas wells.


INTECO MC manufacturing plant developed a heated box for the BOP throttling and killing unit

This novelty box is particularly important for the cold regions where it is necessary to keep the equipment warm and to maintain constant temperature.


INTECO MC leased a machining unit for BOP ram blocks

Leasing of the machining unit was caused by operational needs.