Corporate news


INTECO MC products are certified

This is a mandatory procedure for the release of new equipment before it is allowed to be sold on the territory of the Russian Federation and its regional subjects, as well as for export to other countries.


INTECO MC has finished the development of the new sleeve and organized the constant supply for the customer

This year, oil companies started buying new equipment from INTECO MP factory.


Specialists of oil and gas universities take part in the production program of pilot works and introduction of new technologies of INTECO and INTECO MC

In 2019, three technologies in the field of oil and gas production, oil production intensification, and enhanced oil recovery were tested at wells.


Young specialists joined the staff of Inteco MC

A special event aimed at adaptation of young specialists in the new team, acquaintance with the specifics of the enterprise, colleagues and management was held in the Company.


INTECO MC cooperates with oil and gas universities

Departments of innovation management and modeling of physical and technological processes of development have been created in higher education institutions.


Complex emergency response exercises were held in Inteco

Complex exercises were held to localize and eliminate emergency situations at the premises of oil and gas treatment Department.


Volleyball competitions are over

Teams of Inteco MC have got together for this year championship.


Inteco MC supported expedition on the study of Atlantical walrus in the Barents sea

Presentation of the Atlantic walrus study results in the south-eastern part of the Barents Sea was held within the framework of the International Conference “Marine mammals of the Holarctic”.


Dear partners and colleagues, the Inteco MC team congratulates all machine builders on their professional holiday!