Client engagement

The INTECO Company has proved to be a reliable and highly-reputable partner as we value our reputation and relationships with partners and customers.

The equipment manufactured by Inteco MC meets all international requirements and, due to price/quality compliance, is in great demand all over the world.

All INTECO enterprises apply the most advanced technologies and innovative methods in the oilfield operations. We try to move with the time and keep up with foreign competitors. All enterprises are being constantly re-equipped. We never use outdated equipment as it may cause human losses and environmental incidents.

INTECO JSC is fully aware of its responsibility to customers and to humanity. We use only modern equipment. For this reason we work without a single accident and do not miss contractual terms.

The company top management is always open for a dialogue with partners and customers; we are ready to consider any wishes that will make our work better.

We do not stand still. We are moving forward!