INTECO MC carries its full social responsibility and follows the highest environmental standards to prevent any adverse environmental impact.

The company carefully treats the environment in the operational regions. It follows the environmental standards and norms established by the government, the Company’s enterprises pay special attention to the protection and renewal of environmental resources, and tend to minimize damage from production activities.

INTECO MC environmental management is focused on regular improvement of environmental and industrial safety and minimization of the development pressure on the environment.

The company seeks to achieve its goal by:

  • modernizing production facilities;
  • introducing new advanced technologies, materials and equipment to reduce negative environmental impact on the environment while increasing production volumes;
  • improving the quality of engineering documentation and compulsory project assessment to find better solutions for their implementation in relation to environmental safety;
  • continuous environmental monitoring of the Company’s enterprises to obtain timely environmental information.

Environmental protection is one of INTECO MC core priorities and an integral part of its corporate governance strategy.