Health and safety

Occupational safety is a key priority for INTECO MC in its daily business as health of its employees is the most important factor for the quality production process and working climate in the team.

The social significance of labor protection involves facilitation of the production efficiency growth through continuous improvement of working conditions, reduction of work-related incidents and morbidity. All INTECO employees attend a required course of lectures on occupational health and first aid treatment in case of emergency.

All specialists of INTECO MC have insurance against job-related accidents and professional diseases under the system of compulsory social insurance.

To create favorable working conditions at all enterprises INTECO MC also considers:

  • psychophysical and ergonomic labor conditions;
  • creation of optimal work and rest schedule;
  • prevention-case intervention.

Those who work at hazardous production facilities receive the following benefits and compensations: reduced working day and additional leave, fringe benefit, and healthy meals.

INTECO MC has a corporate lawyer who provides any legal support to the employees where required.

The management fully respects the rights of the employees in accordance with the requirements of the labor law.

Socio-economic activities in INTECO MC are aimed at social support of its employees and their families in case of unforeseen situations.

Industrial Safety

At all INTECO facilities there are information boards with industrial safety rules.

When being hired each employee receives an email with an occupational safety instruction memo.

Field workers are regularly briefed for occupational safety; they are also equipped with special helmets and work clothing.

Each building of the Company is equipped with the required set of fire safety equipment. Once a quarter, the enterprises hold fire training exercises.