A number of innovative technologies in the extractive industry are aimed at achieving production efficiency.

The average oil recovery in different regions of Russia is 40% and depends on the structure of oil layers and the methods of their development.

The current industry situation dictates rather stringent rules of the game: only companies that have learned to extract and process oil more efficiently than others, produce petroleum products that are ahead of market requirements by characteristics, can count on success in the competition. All this is unattainable without the availability of powerful technological tools, so at Inteco MC technological development is one of the main priorities.

Innovative technologies are the most important tool for achieving the strategic goals of oil and gas companies. The revolution in the field of unconventional hydrocarbon production was the result of many years of coordinated efforts at the state level to improve technology.

The main goal of the innovative development of Inteco MC in the horizon for the next five years is to overcome technological challenges that impede the achievement of the strategic goals of the company, and ensure the leading position of the company in the production of oil and gas and drilling equipment.

During the implementation of the Innovation Development Program, the company achieved significant success both in the development of production technologies and in the field of improving management efficiency.