INTECO MC manufacturing plant developed a heated box for the BOP throttling and killing unit


This novelty box is particularly important for the cold regions where it is necessary to keep the equipment warm and to maintain constant temperature.

Representatives of the drilling companies emphasized necessity of such enclosures as very low temperatures during winter seasons in the far north have negative impact on the equipment performance.

The blowout prevention (BOP) equipment, which includes the BOP throttling and killing unit, is used during construction and workover of oil and gas wells. The main purpose of the unit is as follows: preservation of the drilling mud inside the borehole as well as drilling mud displacement (well killing) by other fluids with the required parameters.

The BOP systems facilitates performance of some operations, for example, well pack-offs, including under-pressure/over-pressure closing and opening of blowout-preventer rams; run-in-hole and pull-out-of-hole of the drill stem through pressure-sealed wellhead, including pulling of pipe joints, reciprocating of drill pipes; hanging of pipe strings on the ram, holding of pipe strings in the borehole by the rams in case of a blowout; drilling mud circulation with back pressure control at the bottomhole, drilling mud degassing; operational control over hydraulically driven elements of the equipment.

In order to maintain the required temperature of the BOP throttling and killing unit, the INTECO MC employees developed a heated box that takes into account all regional peculiarities. The box walls are heat insulated. There is protected power supply for electrically-heated furnaces and electric lighting. The temperature is maintained automatically. The required temperature level is controlled by a sensor that also ensures switching the heater on and off to maintain a stable temperature regime inside the enclosure.

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