Market and competition

“The future of engineering is with large, full-cycle companies. Only they can ensure the modernization of production”, this is the opinion of industry experts, as large companies have become a vehicle for growth in the Russian economy.

They successfully raise funds for development, including from the stock market. Large companies are distinguished by a high degree of customer confidence. They have opportunities for integrated deliveries, are able to ensure their reliability.

INTECO JSC, which includes the Inteco MC oil and gas production and drilling equipment plant, is one of such companies. It employs qualified, highly paid specialists. Cooperation within the company gives the best results.

Advantages of Inteco MC over foreign suppliers of oil and gas equipment in the Russian market:

  • high quality of manufactured equipment;
  • adaptability of equipment to local conditions, durability, reliability and versatility;
  • compliance of equipment with Russian and international standards;
  • location of production in Russia;
  • existing relations of Inteco MC Plant with consumers;
  • proximity to oil producing regions;
  • the presence of its own design base, allowing to take into account the technical conditions of customers;
  • the presence of a repair base among consumers;
  • inexpensive prices of spare parts;
  • provision of consumers with trained personnel and relevant infrastructure;
  • competitive cost of equipment.

Manufacturers of equipment in the USA and Europe also have their own advantages, which include:

  • good financial opportunities;
  • prevailing production culture;
  • service culture;
  • traditions of active marketing;
  • state support.

You can evaluate the competitive advantages of Chinese companies. They are:

  • availability of state subsidies;
  • low cost of manufactured equipment;
  • aggressive sales policy;
  • providing the buyer with interest-free loans.