Product quality

All products of the Inteco MC are certified according to the international quality management system.

Products under the Inteco MC brand meet the basic requirements of the standards API 6A, API 16A, API 16C, API 16D.

The Inteco MC in the Russian market of oil and gas equipment suppliers has a number of advantages over foreign competitors.

Unscrupulous suppliers exist on the market, whose products often cause dangerous accidents during oil industry operations.

The reputation of Russian oil and gas engineering is seriously affected by unscrupulous suppliers.

Industry experts and manufacturers themselves offer the following solutions to the problem:

  • in order to prevent cases of the sale of reconditioned equipment under the guise of new ones, to get rid of failure to meet delivery dates, to protect consumers from counterfeit products, it is necessary to create a common Register of suppliers of oil and gas equipment with reviews of major consumers;
  • if the expansion of Chinese equipment has become commonplace for Russians, and its delivery at dumping prices is possible only thanks to state subsidies, it is necessary to initiate antidumping investigations;
  • activate the work to protect the market in the framework of interdepartmental government commissions;
  • when using someone else’s technical documentation and trademark, cases on the protection of intellectual property should be instituted;
  • many types of imported equipment (for example, drilling rigs) have significant deviations from Russian standards and Safety Rules – it is necessary to tighten the issuance of permits for the use of imported oil and gas equipment.

Both suppliers and consumers of oil and gas equipment are interested in expelling unscrupulous firms from the market.

Formation of transparent and open procurement procedures for oil and gas equipment is the most important task. The fact that in recent years the Russian oil and gas equipment market has become less corrupt should be welcomed and concerned about consolidating the results achieved. This can be achieved by changing the relationship “supplier – consumer”.