Projects and promotions

INTECO MC organizes various events including professional conferences for specialists on global issues, conferences for young professionals of the company, media contests, press conferences and briefings, charity events for the organizations supported by the corporation, sports competitions for employees and etc.

Each event, prepared by INTECO MC is of a professional nature.

For example, oil and gas conferences always refer to the global issues of oil and gas industry which require public and government intervention. We invite representatives of the Ministries and other governmental institutions of executive and legislative branches and prepare resolutions for respectively recipients.

Conferences for INTECO MC young specialists unlock their professional potential. Such events are held at the premises of leading oil and gas universities. They are attended by university rectors, faculty, scientists and professors. Young specialists of the company present their own projects and developments, answer the questions of competent juries. The best young professionals of INTECO MC receive bonuses from the management of the company.