Social responsibility

INTECO MC is a good corporate citizen. We take social responsibility for health and safety of each employee.

The INTECO employees are the main and most valuable asset of the company. The Company has a number of HSE programs for its workers and their families, rewards and recognition programs.

The best employees receive quarterly bonuses from the employer. Each employee of the company has its own most advanced workplace.

The field workers have the best living conditions. These are mobile housing units with all modern improvements including laundries and bathing complexes. There are canteens with diversified menu at each site. All INTECO enterprises have medical units where employees receive qualified first-aid medical care.

The company management takes care of the employees’ leisure activities. The Company has several stadiums and gyms, where employees can do sports at any convenient time.

INTECO MC holds various corporate events, including football, volleyball, hockey, and paintball competitions.

The company employees feel the care of the management. They can always ask for help if they need it.

INTECO MC actively participates in the life of the presence regions by interacting with city administrations.

We do charity work: we help war and labor veterans, schools, nurseries, hospitals, clinics, military-patriotic organizations, and children’s clubs.