University partnership

INTECO MC management prioritizes young specialists.

The Company cooperates with oil and gas educational universities in the country.

Cooperation priorities are:

  • financial support of the best students;
  • financial support of the faculty;
  • provision of its labs and production facilities for research;
  • joint organization of workshops and conferences;
  • conducting other joint events;
  • pre-degree internships at the Company facilities and scholarships;
  • employment of best interns.

The key tasks of INTECO MC youth policy:

  • to create a talent pool from the best graduates motivated to get high-quality professional education and employment in the Company;
  • to ensure the inflow of the best university graduates with the professional and technical competencies required for the company successful development;
  • to create an environment that promotes realization of their personal potential and facilitates their professional development; to engage them in innovative, research and project activities;
  • to follow the state policy in vocational education and training of engineering personnel.

The corporate system of continuing education “School – University – Enterprise” successfully helps to solve the above tasks.